Revolução Mërj

  • Warning
  • Caligine
  • Dr. Stu
  • Edward VII
  • Jarah
  • Koa
  • Monti


Allergics: This section would contain traces of gluten, lactose, spoilers or peanuts.

Mërj Revolution is a fictional work freely based on real world. Any resemblance with reality should be considered coincidence or free inspiration.


Essential part of the creationist process, Caligine is the counterpart of Khaos, she is able to manipulate and transformate mater with her fog that is in constant expanding. Her main mission is to go back to Tartarus where Khaos will keep sleeping inside of her, but for that Kanaloa must be found.

Dr. Stu

Charismatic, astute, adventurous and much more adjectives would apply to this mysterious white mustache man. Dr. Stu shows that there is no age to start a journey, a gentleman that due to his thirst for knowledge about the mystic crosses the worlds searching for clues that proves the existence of the unknown.

Edward VII

The British Prince who remaind for longer at the principality also was an expert explorer. Traveling around the World seeking for artifacts and stories linked to the Eyes of Kanaloa, the monarch became one of the biggest collectors of mystical objects between the late XIX and early XX century.


Jarah is a prodigy between his tribe, the strongest, more agile and with the best sociability. Since his childhood he was the best friend of Koa, his brother of Kin.


A sixteen years boy born in an aboriginal island, apart of his heroic ambitions he stands out to be a clumsy and emotive guy. At the moment of is adult life initiation a terrible faith is drawn to him. When Koa runway from his destiny he finds the adventure of his life but will he be able to really escape his destiny?


Monti os the Tunuvivi’s Elder during Koa’s generation. At the Kurlama Ceremony he paints the one who will be iniciated, lending his body to the moon’s spirit.